Homestead Renovation Update Completed Demolition

Salty Suburban Homestead

Update on the Homestead Renovation!  Demolition on the first floor is pretty much complete, some of the walls have been reconstructed with studs and the electrical work is being done.  It is really starting to come together!  If you have ever done any sort of renovation you can relate to what you find when you open the walls.  Our new project list is almost 3 times what it was in the beginning, very overwhelming.  But in the end it will be like living in a brand new home!  Now I need to start picking paint and tile colors.  So many choices!

photo 1

The kitchen^

photo 2

Pantry that was shortened to give a wider doorway ^

photo 3

JWs room with the new (rebuilt) wall ^

photo 4

Kitchen, once was a pantry, now will give us more counter space ^

photo 1

Wider entranceway ^

photo 2

JWs reconstructed closet ^

photo 3

The bathroom down to bare bones ^

photo 4

The master…

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